Response to peer marking

My response….

My group members Abby Casey and Tina Phizacklea have provided me with some helpful and constructive feedback on improving my blog page. Abby has provided me with detailed comments on where my errors in grammar, spelling, and in text referencing occurred in conjunction to pointing out what other information I should add to each of my blog entries (week’s 3-8). The rubric is also marked according to what I have completed and what I lack in, this effective feedback provides me with an opportunity to change what is lacking by adding to my entries. Abby has also provided me with some useful links to information which will further improve my knowledge on digital pedagogy and its associated theories. I agree with the errors that Abby has pointed out, as I failed to initially pick up on them.

Tina also made some good points on punctuation and in text referencing, which has proved to be extremely helpful, as she has provided me with some pointers on correct in text referencing and my errors in punctuation. After receiving this feedback, I went over every blog entry and ensured all the errors were dealt with and checked over my end reference list. The peer review weeks have been an excellent advantage to myself and other students, as it provides us with a second chance to further improve our assessments and to practice using a rubric to mark other blogs.


Blog_Rubric_Peer_Marking for Lyakout Sonia Sullivan(4)


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