Week 8…

Lifelong learning..


As soon as I completed my high school certificate, I began to seek different pathways towards a higher education, since I wanted to choose a profession that I was passionate about. This led me to choose a degree in education. By choosing this degree I can dedicate my life to helping students become fruitful members of society whilst pursuing my own passion for education by continually improving myself through professional development and developing myself as an educator.

This week we discussed lifelong learning in the digital age. The Life Long Learning Council Queensland Inc (2014) defines lifelong learning as an individual pursuing learning throughout life, this type of learning occurs after formal education. I can personally relate to this, as I have many hobbies and projects that I work on throughout the year to satisfy my lifelong learning and my inner self needs, I also find myself planning further degrees after I complete this one. The Life Long Learning Council Queensland Inc (2014) also states that lifelong learning is more flexible and unique then what formal education is. I agree with this definition and believe that lifelong learning, other than formal curriculum content, should be introduced to students throughout their schooling by opening up more vocational education opportunities in conjunction to more out of the square subjects as well. This would serve not only to encourage active learning through schooling but to also better enable students to be active members of the local community.


As educators it is our role to incorporate digital technologies into our classrooms, we must also introduce and develop our fluency in digital literacy. This aims to encourage rich effective learning in digital technologies, which will guarantee lifelong learning opportunities for future students. It is also evident that the education system of today is no longer focusing solely on achieving curricular outcomes, as the workforce expects to have students who are lifelong learners. Due to this change, the education system is pushing towards an emphasis on developing students as lifelong learners (Howell, 2012).

Weekly Task – The Earth Day Network PowerPoint.

Earth Day Network pp


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